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The Rabbi Aaron Ben-Zion Shurin Archive on Rabbi Dr. Joseph B. Soloveitchik

Graciously provided to Hakirah by his son David Shurin

Made available for research and public access by Meir Zelcer and Shloimy Zelcer

8/30/1932New York TimesRabbi is Detained: Polish Scholar and Family, Here for Visit, Held at Ellis Island.Dr. Joseph Soloweitchik, 28-year-old Polish rabbi, was detained at Ellis Island with his wife and daughter yesterday after they arrived on the White Star liner Baltic for a visit here. Immigration officials held them for a hearing today and it was said the family probably would be admitted after an examination to establish their reason for coming here.OTH
12/30/1932Wisconsin Jewish ChronicleTo Install Rabbi Soloveitchik as Chief Rabbi of BostonJTATo Install Rabbi Soloveitchik as Chief Rabbi of BostonNP
5/11/1937Herald TribuneIreland Calls New Rabbi: Offers Post to Soloveitchik of Boston CongregationsBostonRabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik of the Association of Hebrew Congregations in Roxbury, Dorchester and West End districts of Boston, tonight said he had been offered the post of Chief Rabbi of Ireland.OTH
8/8/1941Wisconsin Jewish ChronicleKashruth Problem in Boston CourtWNSRabbi Soloveitchik, who had been the supervisor of the Stadium Packing company, demanded that no other rabbis be permitted to come into the slaughter house, and enlisted the aid of five nationally-known rabbis.NP
3/25/1945New York TimesPalestine Appeal Backed: Orthodox Rabbis Form Council to Speed Rescue WorkOrthodox rabbis have formed a council to enlist support of orthodox Jewish groups in the nationwide United Palestine Appeal for the rescue and rehabilitation of large numbers of the surviving Jews of Europe through mass migration to Palestine, it was announced yesterday. Rabbi Joseph D. Soloweichick of Boston is their chairman of the council.OTH
3/17/1947New York Times85 Rabbis Ordained at Seminary HereEighty-five rabbis, graduates of Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary of Yeshiva University, were ordained at a "S'micha" convocation yesterday afternoon in the Nathan Lamport Auditorium, Amsterdam Avenue and 187th Street. Dr. Samuel Belkin, president of the university, president, and Dr. Joseph B. Soloveitchik, Professor of Talmud and Jewish Philosophy, delivered the address.OTH
7/17/1952New York TimesTo Address Rabbi's ParleyAnother speaker will be Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik of the faculty of Yeshiva University here. Rabbi Theodore L. Adams, council president, and Rabbi Zev Segal of Newark, head of its Israel commission, will report on a recent visit to Israel.OTH
1/23/1953Forwardהרב סאלאווייציק'ס איןטערעסאנטא רעדעהרב אהרן בן ציון שוריןRabbi Soloveitchik's interesting speech.SHU
3/16/1953Forwardהונדריט יונגע רבנים קריגען סמיכה אין ישיבת רבי יצחק אלחנןהרב אהרן בן ציון שוריןOne-hundred students receive rabbinic ordination at Yeshiva Rabbi Yitzchak Elchanan.SHU
11/9/1953New York TimesMizrachi Suggests Caution in Red HuntsSpecial to the New York Times.Atlantic CityRabbi Mordecai Kirshblum of Brooklyn was re-elected to his second term as national Mizrachi president. The following were named honorary presidents: Dr. J. B. Soloveitchik of Boston; Leon Gellman of Jerusalem, chairman of the World Mizrachi Organization; Rabbi Wolf Gold of Jerusalem, member of the Jewish Agency executive; Rabbi Jacob Levinson of Brooklyn and Dr. Pinchos Churgin of New York, president of the Bar-Ilan University in Tel-Aviv.OTH
1/15/1954Forwardהרב סאלאווייציק'ס גרויסא רעדעהרב אהרן בן ציון שוריןR. Soloveitchik's Yahrtzeit lecture for his father.SHU
11/22/1954The Day - Jewish Journalמעגן מענער און פרויען זיצען צוזאמען אין שולRabbi Joseph B SoloveitchikMay men and women sit together in shul?SHU
11/29/1954The Day - Jewish Journalוואס דערווארטען מיר פון ישיבה'ס מעדיקעל קאלעדזשJoseph B SoloveitchikWhat are our expectations for Yeshiva's Medical College?SHU
12/5/1954New York TimesOrthodox Rabbis Condemn Change: Ask Conservatives to Give Up Marital Contract Revision as Dividing Jewish LifeIrving SpiegelIt was explained that the decision of the Orthodox rabbis was reached after a thorough study of the problem by the Halachah Commission of the Rabbinical Council of America headed by Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik, Professor of Talmud at Yeshiva University.OTH
12/13/1954The Day - Jewish Journalווי אזוי דארף א איד דאוונעןRabbi Joseph B SoloveitchikHow should a Jew pray?SHU
12/20/1954The Day - Jewish Journalאלטע תפילות און נייע אידןRabbi Joseph B SoloveitchikOld prayers and new JewsSHU
12/27/1954The Day - Jewish Journalוואוהין פירען די רעפארמען אין אונזער אלטען סידורRabbi Joseph B SoloveitchikChanges made by Reform to the Jewish prayer book.SHU
1/31/1955New York TimesOrthodox Rabbis to meet In Asbury Park This WeekMore than 500 Orthodox rabbis from the United States and Canada will take part in the annual three-day religious convocation of the Rabbinical Council of America beginning tomorrow in Asbury Park, N.J. Speakers will include Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik, prominent Talmud Scholar; Rabbi Solomon Gaon, Chief Rabbi of the Sephardic Jewish community of Great Britain, and Dr. Aharon Lichtenstein of Yeshiva University.OTH
2/8/1955Forwardדי געהויבענע רעדע פון הרב יוסף דוב סאלאווייטשיק צו זיין פאטער'ס יארצייםהרב אהרן בן ציון שוריןFourteenth annual lecture by Rabbi Joseph Soloveitchik for his father Rabbi Moshe SoloveitchikSHU
2/12/1955LetterFrom Rav Soloveitchik to Rav ShurinRabbi Dr. Joseph D SoloveitchikLetter from Rav Soloveitchik to Rav Shurin thanking him for publishing his Yahrtzeit shiur in the ForwardSHU
1/3/1956Forwardהרב ר' יוסף דוב סאלאווייטשיק--דער גאון פון הלכהד"ר הלל זיידמאןHaRav Yosef Dov Soloveitchik: The gaon of HalakhahSHU
1/20/1956Forwardא תורה שיעור וואס איז געווארען א יערליכע אינסטיטוציעהרב אהרן בן ציון שוריןA Torah lecture which became an annual institution.SHU
3/9/1956Forward128 תלמידים פון ישיבת רבינו יצחק אלחנן קריגן סמיכה ביי פייערליכער צערעמאניעהרב אהרן בן ציון שורין128 students receive rabbinic ordination.SHU
6/8/1956הצופהפגישות עם נחום סוקולובמ איידלבויםMeeting with Nachm Sokolow: Moshe Soloveitchik at TachkemoniSHU
9/3/1956שעריםהרב ר' יוסף דב סולוביצי'ק - גאון ההלכהד"ר הלל זיידמאןHaRav Yosef Dov Soloveitchik, gaon of HalakhahSHU
1/14/1957New York TimesDetroit Rabbi Will Head Religious Zionist GroupAtlantic CityRabbi Isaac Stollman of Detroit has been elected president of the newly formed American Religious Zionist Organization of America, it was announced today… Other officers elected included Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik of Boston, honorary president; Dr. Bernard Bergman and Rabbi Mordecai Kirshblum of New York, honorary chairman; Samson Krupnik, Chicago, chairman of the executive board; Israel Berman, New York, treasurer; Jesse Eisen, Spring Valley, N. Y., co-treasurer; Joseph Sokolow, New York, secretary.OTH
1/15/1957Forwardאן אינטערעסאנטע רעדע פון הרב דר. יוסף סאלאווייטשיק אין ישיבת רבי יצחק אלחנןהרב אהרן בן ציון שוריןPreserving and creating: An interesting speech from HaRav Dr. Yosef SoloveitchikSHU
1/29/1957Forwardאינטערעסאנטע רעדע פון הרב יוסף דוב סאלאווייטשיקהרב אהרן בן ציון שוריןAn interesting speech by HaRav Dr. Yosef SoloveitchikSHU
2/7/1957LetterFrom Rav Soloveitchik to Rav ShurinLetter from the Rav thanking R. Shurin for publishing summaries of two of his yahrtzeit lectures in the ForwardSHU
3/29/1957Picture: Rabbi Joseph B. SoloveitchikMatzoh Bakery: Two PicturesSHU
5/31/1957המודיעהרמבם חיRambam lives: The Rav protesting the statement by Dr. Zanvil Kahana that the Rambam had passed away 800 years ago.SHU
1/16/1958Wisconsin Jewish ChronicleNamed to Humane Slaughter CommitteeWashingtonU.S. Secretary of Agriculture Ezra Benson has appointed Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik …NP
2/7/1958Forwardאן אויג פאר אן אויגהרב אהרן בן ציון שוריןR. Soloveitchik Annual Yahrtzeit speech for his father Moshe SoloveitchikSHU
3/30/1958Forwardרבנ'ישע בעקערLouis SperlingRabbi Soloveitchik, Rabbi Feinstein and other rabbis at Streits Matzoh BakerySHU
8/7/1958Forwardוואס עס איז פארגעקומען צווישען פרעמיער בן גוריון און רבי וועלוועלע בריסקערהרב אהרן בן ציון שוריןWhat really happened at the meeting scheduled between R. Velvella Brisker and Ben GurionSHU
11/24/1958New York TimesZionists Project $5,000,000 Outlay: Religious Unit Maps 5-Year Program to Bind Jews of America and IsraelIrving SpiegelAtlantic CityThe delegates re-elected the Rev. Dr. Isaac Stollman of Detroit as president and the Rev. Dr. Joseph B. Soloveitchik of Boston as honorary president. Re-elected as honorary chairmen were Dr. Bernard Bergman and the Rev Dr. Mordecai Kirschblum of New York.OTH
12/31/1958Yeshiva UniversityFor Immediate ReleaseJanuary 11 will be the night where some 2,000 persons will Jam Yeshiva's Nathan Lamport Auditorium, Amsterdam Avenue and 186th Street, to hear Dr. Soloveitchik deliver his now famous "Shiur" (lecture). Recognized as the foremost authority on Halachah (Jewish Law), Dr. Soloveitchik inaugurated this annual discourse to commemorate the Yahrtzeit of his revered father, Moshe, who passed away some fifteen years ago.SHU
1/6/1959New York TimesHumane Slaughter Aide: Yeshiva U. Rabbi Completes Unit on Meat Packing RulesWashingtonEzra Taft Benson, Secretary of Agriculture, has announced the appointment of Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik, of Roxbury, Mass., as a member of the Humane Slaughter Advisory Committee to represent religious groups concerned with ritual slaughter.OTH
1/13/1959Forwardדי גרויסע געשטאלט פון א פארשטארבענעם גאוןהרב אהרן בן ציון שוריןObituary for Rav Moshe SoloveitchikSHU
2/20/1959Forwardהרב דר. יוסף בער סאלאווייטשיק באשטימט אין דער שחיטה קאמיטא פון אגריקולטור מיניסטעריוםHaRav Dr. Yosef Ber Soloveitchik appointed to the schechita committee of the Agricultural MinistrySHU
6/19/1959Wisconsin Jewish ChronicleOff the Record: In Jewish TraditionNathan ZiprinPremier David Ben-Gurion in Boston met with Rabbi SoloveitchikNP
7/1/1959New York TimesRabbi Acclaims Gains in Science: Decries 'Attempts' of Clergy to Belittle Importance of Space DiscoveriesIrving SpiegelFallsburg, NY"God did not even deny man the right to conquer even outer space," said the Rev. Dr. Joseph B. Soloveitchik. He is an authority on Jewish religious law and professor of Talmud and Jewish philosophy at Yeshiva University in New York.OTH
8/1/1959Yeshiva UniversityBiographical Sketch Rabbi Dr. Joseph B. Soloveitchik, Professor of Talmud and Jewish Philosophy, Yeshiva UniversityWe take pleasure in enclosing this revised biographical sketch of Rabbi Dr. Joseph B. Soloveitchik, Professor of Talmud and Jewish Philosophy at Yeshiva University, whose name has been prominently mentioned among those under consideration to succeed the late Dr. Isaac Herzog as Israel's Chief Rabbi.OTH
9/1/1959New York TimesNational Desk: Profile--Soloveitchik (fenton, boston): SketchBostonBoston, 00---When Ezra Taft Benson, secretary of agriculture, sought to man an advisory committee to implement a humane slaughter law, he found unanimous agreement in a choice as the Jewish religious authority. Organizations representing all shades of Jewish religious thought recommended Rabbi Dr. Joseph P. Soloveitchik of Boston.OTH
9/28/1959New York TimesNational Desk: Profile--Soloveitchik (fenton, boston): SketchBoston, 00---When Ezra Taft Benson, secretary of agriculture, sought to man an advisory committee to implement a humane slaughter law, he found unanimous agreement in a choice as the Jewish religious authority. Organizations representing all shades of Jewish religious thought recommended Rabbi Dr. Joseph P. Soloveitchik of Boston.OTH
11/24/1959Forwardישראל גרייט זיך איצט צו וואלן פאר אשכנז'ישאן הויפט רבהרב אהרן בן ציון שוריןIsrael prepares to vote for Ashkenaz chief rabbi.SHU
12/4/1959הדוארמעין מכתב גלוי להרב ר, יוסף דוב סולובייצ'יקמ. מייזלשRegarding the conversation between Rabbi Joseph Soloveitchik and Eli Wiesel.SHU
12/15/1959Forwardנייער טומעל ארום די וואלן צום הויפט ראבינאט אין ישראלהרב אהרן בן ציון שוריןNew commotion over the election of Chief Rabbi in IsraelSHU
1/24/1960New York TimesVoting for Rabbi Snarled in Israel: Chief Cleric and Religious Minister Are Deadlocked Over Rules for ElectionSpecial to the New York Times.Tel Aviv, IsraelThe most widely discussed candidates to succeed Rabbi Herzog are Rabbi Joseph Soloveitchik of Brookline, Mass., and Rabbi Iser J. Unterman of Tel Aviv, both of whom are associated with the National Religious party, and Rabbi Shlomo Goren, chief chaplain of the Israeli defense forces.OTH
2/28/1960Portland Jewish ReviewSoloveitchik---Foremost Authority On Jewish Law In The United StatesBiographical information on Rabbi SoloveitchikSHU
3/4/1960די אידישע וועלטדער העברעאישער אריגינאל פון די בריוו פון הרב י. ד. סאלאווייטשיקTwo letters from Rav Soloveitchik on turning down the position as chief rabbi of IsraelSHU
3/11/1960הדוארהרב ד"ר י. ד. סולובייצ'יק מסרב לעמוד על הבחירה לכהונת הרב הראשי בישראל, גליון יטRabbi Dr. Y. B. Soloveitchik refuses to stand for election for chief rabbi of IsraelSHU
3/18/1960Forwardגרעסטא ראשי ישיבה און רבנים קומען באקען מצה שמורה אין שטרייט'ס מצה בעקערייThe greatest Roshei Yeshivot and rabbis come to bake shmurah matzos at StreitsSHU
3/25/1960הצופהפגישת בן גוריון והרב סולוביצ'יקThe meeting between Ben Gurion and HaRav SoloveitchikSHU
5/8/1960New York TimesRabbis Establish Religious Court: Beth Din to Deal Chiefly with Status of Family--Will Have Overseas TiesIrving SpiegelRabbi Rackman said that the Beth Din would be under the direction of the Council's Halacha (religious law) Commission. Headed by Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik, a prominent Talmud scholar and Dr. Samuel Belkin, president of Yeshiva University. Rabbi Joseph Weiss will serve as secretary of the court.OTH
7/17/1960New York TimesRabbinical Poll Embroils Israel: Ben-Gurion's Candidate Is Favored in Move to Weaken Religious PartiesSpecial to the New York Times.Tel Aviv, IsraelThe rabbinic "old guard" and the National Religious Front do not question the scholarship or fitness of Rabbi Goren but they oppose him because he is regarded as an instrument used by Mr. Ben Gurion to weaken their position. They prefer the election of Rabbi Joseph H. Soloveitchik of Boston or Chief Rabbi Iser J. Unterman of Tel Aviv.OTH
9/16/1960Wisconsin Jewish ChronicleCanadians Find New Animal Handling MethodWNSMontrealRabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik of Boston and Rabbi Eliezer Silver of Cincinnati went to Canada to examine the new method which was developed by the Canada Packers of Toronto to comply with new regulations on humane slaughterNP
10/1/1960Philadelphia EnquirerReligious Book of the WeekSiddur The Traditional Prayer Book for Sabbath and Festival (Behrman House) edited and translated by Dr. David de Sola Pool for the RCA.NP
11/21/1960New York TimesZionists Bid U.N. and U.S. Stop Cairo's Halting of Israeli Ships: Orthodox Group Re-elects Bergman President as It Ends National MeetingKalman SeigelAtlantic CityOthers elected today included: Rabbi Dr. Joseph B. Soloveitchik of Boston, honorary president; Dr. Spar, chairman of the national board; Rabbi Isaac Stollman of Detroit and Rabbi Mordecai Kirshblum of Brooklyn, chairmen of the executive committee.OTH
12/9/1960Wisconsin Jewish ChronicleSchechitah System in Can. Begun in Major CitiesJTAMontrealSchechitah system in Canada begun in major cities.NP
12/20/1960New York TimesReligious Marriage Court Here is Set Up by Orthodox RabbisGeorge DuganRabbi Benjamin Bak of Baltimore will serve as executive head or coordinator. The chief consultants will include Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik of Boston, a prominent Talmudic scholar, and Dr. Samuel Belkin, president of Yeshiva UniversityOTH
2/17/1961הדוארבעיית העלייה ויציאת מצריםAbstract from address by HaRav Aharon Soloveitchik: Problems of aliya and the exodus from Egypt.SHU
8/11/1961הצופההגרי"ד סולובייצ'יק: הנני מתגאה בתנועת המזרחי ונאמן לה בלב נפשJoseph B Soloveitchik"I am proud of the Mizrachi party and I am faithful to her with heart and soul": Three letters from R. Soloveitchik regarding his support for Mizrachi.SHU
8/11/1961הצופהאגרת לבוחרח. מ. שפיראElections in Israel: A letter to a voterSHU
11/11/1961New York TimesTalmudist Bids Orthodox Rabbis Join Religious Zionists' GroupIrving SpiegelAtlantic CityThe appeal was made by the Rev. Dr. Joseph B. Soloveitchik of Boston to the 600 delegates attending the annual convention of the Religious Zionists of America, They represent 85,000 members.OTH
12/7/1961New York TimesMenninger Urges Truce with Faith: Asks Unity of Psychiatrists and Clergy on Mental IllsThe all-day symposium, conducted by Yeshiva University's National Institute of Mental Health Project in connection with its seventy-fifth anniversary celebration, also heard Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik, Professor of Talmud and Jewish Philosophy at Yeshiva, and the Rev. Seward Hiltner, Professor of Theology and Personality at Princeton University.OTH
6/22/1962New York Times30 Post-Graduate Rabbis Receive Semicha DegreeParticipating in the ceremony were the Rev. Dr. Samuel Belkin, president of the university; the Rev. Dr. Joseph B. Soloveitchik, Professor of Talmud and Jewish Philosophy; the Rev. Dr. Emanuel Rackman, assistant president for rabbinic studies, and the Rev. Dr. Herschel Schachter, president of the University RabbinicOTH
10/6/1963New York TimesOrthodox Rabbis Ask Zionism Link: Urge Worshippers to Join Its Religious Branch.Five hundred Orthodox rabbis have issued a proclamation calling on Orthodox worshippers to join the Religious Zionists of America to help the organization in strengthening its religious institutions in Israel… The membership campaign is being supported by the Rev. Dr. Joseph B. Soloveitchik of Boston, a Talmudic scholar who is a leader of Orthodox Judaism.OTH
11/22/1963Forwardדי גרויסע דיסקוסיע אויף דער מזרחי קאנווענשאןהרב אהרן בן ציון שוריןThe big discussion at the Mizrachi convention.SHU
12/27/1963הצופהדבר לדורצבי קפלןTzvi Kaplan: Announcing "Halakhic Man"SHU
7/17/1964Wisconsin Jewish ChronicleCrucifixion and ResponsibilityThat Jewish responsibility for the crucifixion has been eliminated from the draft declaration on Catholic-Jewish relations to be presented before the Ecumenical Council was both asserted and denied last month.NP
8/16/1964New York TimesRabbi Says Faiths are Not Related: Urges Each to Recognize the 'Individuality' of OthersIrving SpiegelA distinguished Talmudic scholar has emphasized that interreligious cooperation and understanding among the major faiths can flourish in a democratic society only when there is a recognition of one another's "distinctiveness and individuality" as a religious community.OTH
9/25/1964Wisconsin Jewish ChronicleCatholic Organ Lauds Soloveitchik Stand on Vatican DraftJTABostonCatholic Organ Lauds Soloveitchik Stand on Vatican DraftNP
12/10/1964טאג מארגען זשורנאלבאגריסונגען צו ב. צ. גאלדבערג פון הרב י. ד. סאלאווייטשיק, הרב בעלקין, גאלדמאן און שרתGreetings sent by HaRav Soloveitchik, Rabbi Belkin, Goldman and Sheret to B Z Goldberg.SHU
2/3/1965New York TimesRabbi Asks Action By Spain On Jews: Briton, at Jersey Meeting, Calls for Legal StatusIrving SpiegelAsbury Park, NJThe chief rabbi of the Sephardic community of Britain appealed to Spain today to accord full legal status to Judaism… Another speaker here, Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik, leader of American Orthodoxy, called on Jewish religious leaders to stress the unity between religious ritual and moral behavior.OTH
1/30/1966New York TimesScholar Delimits Interfaith Talks: Rabbi Says Theology Should Not Be DiscussedIrving SpiegelThe scholar--Rabbi Dr. Joseph B. Soloveitchik, in setting forth last week a set of rules for interreligious consultation and communication between Christian and Jewish communities, said Orthodox deemed it "improper to entertain dialogue" on such topics as: "Judaic monotheism and the Christian idea of Trinity. "The Messianic idea in Judaism and Christianity. "The Jewish attitude on Jesus. "The concept of the Covenant in Judaism and Christianity".OTH
2/19/1966Miami NewsJewish Christian Talks on TheologyLocal rabbis reject Boston rabbi's statement on interfaith dialogue.NP
8/4/1966New York TimesSpellman Pays a Call on Shazar HereFarnsworth FowlePresident Shazar will receive calls today from delegations representing the American Jewish Community and the National Community Relations Advisory Council, and from Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik of Boston, a leader of Orthodox Jews in the United States.OTH
8/5/1966New York TimesJewish Leaders See Shazar on Last Day Of His VisitAmong those who called was a leader of Orthodox Jews in the United States Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik of Boston, whose father was a Talmudic teacher of the President.OTH
1/3/1967הרבנית פעשע סאלאווייטשיק איז נעכטען נפטר געווארעןAnnouncing the passing of Rebbitizen Pesha SoloveitchikSHU
1/4/1967דער טאג מארגען זשורנאלרירענדע הספדים אויף לויה פון הרבנית פעשע סאלאווייטשיקEmotional eulogies for Rebbitizen Pesha Soloveitchik.SHU
2/1/1967New York TimesJewish Leader Assails Talks With Christians About FaithWalter H. WaggonerLakewood, N. J.Opposing the concept of "homogenized" religion, Rabbi Zev Segal of Newark, first vice president of the Rabbinical Council of America, warned that activities of secular leaders in interfaith religious discussions threatened "the unity and the loyalties of the Jewish community."OTH
2/27/1967Yeshiva UniversityDr. Samuel Soloveitchik of Yeshiva University, Authority on History of Chemistry, Dies at 58Announcement of the passing of Dr. Samuel Soloveitchik who died at the age of 57.SHU
2/27/1967דר. שמואל סאלאווייטשיק למדן און געלערנטער נפטר געווארען צו 57 יארAnnouncing the funeral of Dr. Shmuel SoloveitchikSHU
2/27/1967Forwardדר שמואל סאלאווייטשיק טויט צו 57 יאר לוויה היינט פריהObituary for Dr. Shmuel Soloveitchik: Great in Torah and in science.SHU
2/27/1967New York TimesDr. Samuel Soloveitchik is Dead; Chemistry Professor at YeshivaObituary for Dr. Shmuel SoloveitchikSHU
2/27/1967ForwardAnnouncementsDr. Shmuel Soloveitchik's passing. Also from "Inside Yeshiva University" Soloveitchik Gives First Organic Compound SchemeSHU
3/3/1967Forwardדר שמואל סאלאווייטשיק גרויס אין תורה און וויסנשאפטהרב אהרן בן ציון שוריןObituary for Dr. Shmuel SoloveitchikSHU
3/7/1967הצופהפרופ שמואל סולובייצ'יק ז"ל (שבעה לפטירתו)Obituary for Dr. Shmuel SoloveitchikSHU
3/26/1967New York TimesToward a Code of Behavior for EcumenistsEdward B. FiskeOthers have devoted themselves to similar lists. Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik, a prominent Orthodox theologian has suggested a set of rules that reflects the desire of most Orthodox Jews to restrict interfaith discussion to "non-religious" subjects.OTH
4/3/1967Yeshiva UniversityPicture: Rabbi Joseph B. SoloveitchikPictured at the Yahrtzeit of Rabbi Yitzchak ElchananSHU
4/18/1967Forwardאן אינטערעסאנטע פרוי איז אוועק פון דער וועלטהרב אהרן בן ציון שוריןObituary for Tonya Soloveitchik: An intriguing woman is gone from this world.SHU
5/12/1967הדוארהרב ר' יוסף דב סולוביציק כדרשןחיים ראובן רבינוביץRabbi Soloveitchik as a DarshanSHU
9/19/1967Forwardא וויכטיגע שולא פאר אידישע צוריקגעשטאנענכ קינדערהרב אהרן בן ציון שוריןThe Pesha Soloveitchik Day-school in Brooklyn for special childrenSHU
10/24/1967הצופההגרי"ד סולובייצ'יק: שיקולים בטחוניים ומדיניים יכריעו בענייני השטחיםSoloveitchik: Security and political considerations will determine whether territories should be returned.SHU
12/7/1967New York TimesRothschild Seeks Aid of U.S. RabbisJohn LeoThe Baron conferred yesterday with leaders of the Orthodox union and attended a dinner in his honor at Yeshiva University. Rabbi Bernard Twersky, the union's press officer, said the Baron would meet the presidents of the major American Jewish organizations and make a one-day trip to Boston Sunday for a dinner at Maimonides School and a talk with Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik, a Talmudic scholar.OTH
1/17/1968St. Louis Jewish LightEshkol at Yeshiva UniversityPrime Minister Levi Eshkol at Yeshiva UniversityNP
2/29/1968LetterFrom Rav Soloveitchik to Rav ShurinLetter from Rav Soloveitchik to Rav Shurin thanking him for publishing the Yahrtzeit shiur in the ForwardSHU
6/21/1968Wisconsin Jewish ChronicleTo Address Rabbinical Council ConventionRabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik, Yitzchak Rabin, Israeli Ambassador, Dr. Samuel Belkin to address convention.NP
7/12/1968הדוארמהגיונותיו של גאון ומנהיגפלטיאל בירנבויםThe philosophy of a gaon and leaderSHU
4/15/1970CommentatorRav Responds to Secularization; Sympathizes with Student RallyAndrew GellerRav Responds to Secularization; Sympathizes with Student RallySHU
6/23/1972New York TimesRabbi's Rabbi Keeps The Law Up to DateEdward B. FiskeFallsburg, N. Y.His name is Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik, and this week his disciples had another chance to sit at his feet in search of learning and inspiration.OTH
6/23/1972New York TimesRabbi's Rabbi Keeps The Law Up to DateEdward B. FiskeFallsburg, N. Y.His name is Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik, and this week his disciples had another chance to sit at his feet in search of learning and inspiration.SHU
6/23/1972Springfield News-LeaderFamed Rabbi Talks, Disciples SpellboundGeorge CornellFallsburghFamed Rabbi Talks, Disciples SpellboundNP
4/9/1973Central NJ Home NewsJewish law expert due at DouglassNew BrunswickRabbi Soloveitchik will speak in Hickman Hall, Douglass College on "Two Sources of Judaic Morality".NP
4/16/1973הצופהמבית הכנסת לכנסת ישראלהרב יוסף דוב סולובייצ'יקArticle: From Synagogue to the Community of IsraelSHU
9/21/1973Forwardהרב סאלאווייציק'ס פסק דין וועגן קאנסערווטיווע שוהלעןהרב אהרן בן ציון שוריןHaRav Soloveitchik's ruling regarding Conservative SynagoguesSHU
3/7/1974Jewish AdvocateBoston Rabbi's "No" Almost Retired GoldaJerusalem (JCNS)Boston Rabbi's "No" Almost Retired GoldaSHU
3/14/1974RCADear Rabbi SchindlerRabbi Louis BernsteinNew YorkLetter from Rabbi Louis Bernstein, President of the RCA asking Rabbi Alexander Schindler, President of Union of American Hebrew Congregations for help in ending reverse discrimination in colleges.SHU
11/3/1974מעריבלא היה לחץהרב אליעזר ברנשטייןThere was no pressure…SHU
4/28/1975Yeshiva UniversityDr. Haym Soloveitchik Named Dean of Yeshiva U.'s Bernard Revel Graduate SchoolDr. Haym Soloveitchik Named Dean of Yeshiva U.'s Bernard Revel Graduate SchoolSHU
6/24/1975הצופהאגבAn aside: R' Shurin's involvement with the ForwardSHU
4/21/1976New York TimesCarey Among 2,000 at Belkin FuneralAt the services, held in the Nathan Lamport Auditorium of the University, 185th Street and Amsterdam Avenue, Dr. Joseph B. Soloveitchik, professor of Talmud, who delivered the eulogy, said of Dr. Belkin, "He was a dreamer like Joseph, and he dreamt of a generation of young American Jews who could combine both an excellent Torah education with participation in a scientifically oriented American society."OTH
6/27/1977New York TimesOrthodox and Reform Rabbis at Parleys Note Growing Demand for TraditionalismGeorge VecseyFallsburg, N.Y.The highlight of the Orthodox convention was a three-hour talk by Dr. Joseph B. Soloveitchik, the 70-year-old spiritual leader ("the Rov"). While hundreds of rabbis and their wives leaned forward, intently holding tape recorders and trying to respond to his questions, Dr. Soloveitchik spoke of the fine points of Orthodox belief.OTH
7/17/1977New York TimesBegin is Planning a Visit to Crown Heights todayA spokesman for the visiting delegation said that one of Mr. Begin's visitors today would be Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik, a scholar who is seen as the spiritual leader of Jewish Orthodoxy.OTH
10/25/1977HamevaserOn the Rov: Writings and EssaysJ.C.K., EditorReview of "Al Hateshuva" and "Chamesh D'rashot"SHU
12/25/1977New York TimesRabbi in a Catholic SeminaryAline BenjaminOssiningDr. Finkel was brought to this country in 1947, when he was 12 1/2 years old. He entered Yeshiva University at 16. There he met and became the protégé of Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik, an eminent Jewish theologian with whom Menahem Begin conferred during his state visit to Washington. Dr. Soloveitchik inspired his young student to explore such fields as the New Testament.OTH
12/19/1980Forwardפויפסט קאמענטירט פאלש ביבלישן אויג פאר אן אויג דערקלערט איד. קאנגרעסJewish Congress remarks on Pope John Paul II's statement regarding the Biblical "Eye for an Eye".SHU
12/26/1980Forwardאן אויג פאר אן אויג, צאן פאר א צאןהרב אהרן בן ציון שוריןPopes encyclical on 'an eye for an eye' and 'a tooth for a tooth'.SHU
12/30/1980Forwardפויפסט נעמט ארויס א אידישן פסוק פון אלטן קריסטלעכן ארסענאלהרב אהרן בן ציון שוריןPopes encyclical on 'an eye for an eye'SHU
1/12/1983הצופהנשיא המדינה יצחק נבון נפגש בעת ביקורו בבוסטן עם הגר"י סולובייצ'יקPhotographed by Yaakov SaarPicture of Rabbi Soloveitchik and Yitzchok Navon at their meeting in Boston.SHU
3/6/1983Yeshiva UniversityPicture: Rabbi Joseph B. SoloveitchikWith Rabbi Lam and Semicha ClassSHU
3/7/1983New York TimesNew Rabbis Called Hope of OrthodoxCharles AustinPresent at the convocation was Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik, the chief rabbi of Boston and one of the foremost interpreters of Orthodoxy in the United States. A teacher at the Isaac Elchanan Seminary for 42 years, the octogenarian rabbi is the spiritual mentor of most of the school's 1,800 graduates and is revered as the personification of Orthodox spirituality and scholarship. Last Week the rabbinic education program at Yeshiva University was renamed the Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik Center of Rabbinic Studies in his honor.OTH
3/18/1983Forwardחג הסמיכה--יום טוב אין ישיבה אוניווערזיטעטהרב אהרן בן ציון שוריןThe semicha Ordination at Yeshiva University.SHU
11/11/1983הצופהקבלת פנים נרגשת לרבנים הראשיים נערכה ע"י התנועה בארה"ב: ה"אגודה" חזרה בה מהזמנה לרבניםMeeting of Chief Rabbis Shapiro and Eliyahu during their visit to the United States at the Young Israel of Hillcrest. Agudah fails to attend.SHU
12/9/1983הדוארספרו החדש של הרב י. ד. סולובייצ'יקפלטיאל בירנבויםשעורים לזכר נשמת אבא מרי ז"לSHU
10/8/1984TimeU.S. Judaism's Man of ParadoxThe dominant force in Orthodoxy is a revered Boston rabbiSHU
9/5/1986הדוארבין בריסק לבוסטןפנחס הכהן פלאיBiography of Joseph B. SoloveitchikSHU
2/5/1987New York TimesRage of Israeli Women: Issue is Graveside RitesFrancis X. ClinesMigdal HaemekFuneral produced unanticipated grief in this northern town near Nazareth when women complained that they were barred from the burial because townsmen believed that mystical holy writings attribute the town's recent misfortunes to the presence of women at gravesides.SHU
2/22/1987New York TimesThe Halakhic Mind: An Essay on Jewish Tradition and Modern Thought. By Joseph B. Soloveitchik. (Seth Press/Free Press, $16.95)Jonathan M. ElukinWritten in 1944 and steeped in the history of philosophy, this essay concludes that halacha, the Jewish religious law governing ritual and prayer, offers man a rational method, equal to the scientific tradition, of interpreting the world.OTH
3/2/1987Yeshiva UniversityFirst-Day Cancellation of Stamp Honoring Yeshiva University's First PresidentAnnouncement of first day of issue of stamp honoring Dr. Bernard RevelSHU
5/15/1987Jewish PressWhat Did Rabbi Lichtenstein REALLY Say…Yehuda SchwartzRabbi Lichtenstein's tacit overture towards the legitimization of the Conservative and Reform clergy in IsraelSHU
9/9/1987St. Louis Jewish LightGroup defends tuna kashruthNew YorkRCA dismayed at statement attributed to the chief rabbinate of Israel regarding the production of Chicken-of-the-Sea Tuna fish.NP
12/31/1987שו"ת באר משהנשאלתי לבאר אם מותר לקנות ספרי הקודש מרבותינו גדולי ראשונים ואחרונים הנדפסים בזה"ז ע"י מוסדות ותנועות של שמות הנרדפים מינים ואפיקורסים או לא טוב הדברMoshe Stern (Debrocziner Rov)חלק שמיניאו למשל מי שילמוד מספר שמחברו ראש ישיבה באיזה ישיבת יוניוועזיטי ויראה רוב בקיאותו בתורהSHU
9/8/1989הצופהYahrtzeit Address by Aharon Lichtenstein for his parentsAnnouncement: Yahrtzeit Address by Aharon Lichtenstein for his parents.SHU
10/13/1989הצופההציונות הדתית בין שני הגושיםמשה אישוןLeft wing and right wing in the Zionist campSHU
12/29/1989הצופהמסירת נפש יהודיתRabbi Joseph B SoloveitchikJewish Self-sacrificeSHU
6/7/1991Algemeiner Journalהרב הגאון ר' יוסף בער סאלאווייטשיק האט אויפגעקלערט עפנטלעך זיין שטעלונג וועגן באלאנגען צו ארגאןיזאציעס צוזאמען מיט רעפארער און קאסערוואטיוועHaRav Soloveitchik declares his views on belonging to an organization which includes Reform and Conservative.SHU
8/1/1992Tellahassee DemocratBecoming WholeGeorge W. CornellReview of Lonely Man of FaithNP
12/4/1992הצופההברית הכפולהמשה אישוןפרקי ההגות של הגאון הרב יוסף דוב סולובייצ'יקSHU
12/31/1992Jewish WeekThey're still heeding words of the Rav'Jonathan MarkSoloveitchik BioSHU
4/9/1993Yeshiva UniversityRabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik… is dead at 90Press release on the death of R. SoloveitchikSHU
4/10/1993New York TimesRabbi J. Soloveitchik, 90, Dies; Shaped U.S. Orthodox Judaism,Ari L. GoldmanObituarySHU
4/10/1993New York TimesJoseph D Soloveitchik, 90, Orthodox Rabbi, DiesAri L. GoldmanObituarySHU
4/11/1993New York TimesMisc. Obituary AnnouncementsMisc. Obituary AnnouncementsSHU
4/11/1993הצופההגאון רבי יוסף דוב סולובייצ'יק זצ"לObituarySHU
4/11/1993הצופהנפטר הגרי"ד סולובייצ'יקObituarySHU
4/14/1993Yeshiva UniversityShiva AnnouncementShiva announcement for R. Soloveitchik at the Home of Dr. Haym SoloveitchikSHU
4/16/1993ForwardRabbi Soloveitchik, 1903-1993ObituarySHU
4/16/1993הצופהאיש ההלכה והאמונהמשה צבי נריהObituarySHU
4/16/1993הצופההרביוסף (יוסק'ה) שפיראObituarySHU
4/16/1993Forwardהרב יוסף בער סאלאווייטשיק נפטר געווארןObituarySHU
4/16/1993Forwardפאר'משפט צו גאונותש. לייכטערObituarySHU
4/22/1993Jewish WeekJoseph Soloveitchik, Orthodox sageObituarySHU
4/25/1993Yeshiva UniversityHesped MarMemorial Service for R. |SoloveitchikSHU
4/28/1993Union of Orthodox Rabbis of the United States and Canadaכנס אזכרהSimcha Elberg, Chaim Yitzchak Pupko, Tzvi Meir GinzbergMemorial announcement for R. Soloveitchik in Boro ParkSHU
4/30/1993Forwardהגאון ר' יוסף דוב הלוי סשךשווייטשיק, נ"עהרב אהרן בן ציון שוריןObituarySHU
5/7/1993יום הששיהגרי"ד סולובייצ'יק בהתוועדות חב"דאורי קפלןLetter response to an article about Soloveitchik's participation at the 30 year anniversary celebration of the Lubavitcher rebbe's leadershipSHU
6/4/1993Algemeiner JournalAn Open Letter to the Moetzes of Agudas YisraelMoshe Dovid TendlerA response to the R. Soloveitchik obituary printed by the Jewish Observer.SHU
9/24/1993Algemeiner Journalהגאון ר' אהרן קאטלער זצ"ל האט געזאגט וועגן הגאון ר' יוסף בער סאלאווייטשיק זצ"ל 'איך האב אים זייער האלט'Mordechai BerkowitzLetter response to R. Kotler's attitude to R. SoloveitchikSHU
12/1/1993Yeshiva UniversityPicture: Haym Soloveitchik Univ. Prof. of Jewish HistoryLecturer, Rabbi Gilbert Klaperman SymposiumSHU
3/22/1994The CommentatorThe Idea of a Yeshiva UniversityAn excerpt from a Drasha of Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik given April 12, 1970SHU
2/15/1995Yeshiva UniversityPicture: Haym Soloveitchik Merkin Family ChairMerkin Family ChairSHU
12/31/1995Keshet GoborimBiography of HaRav Yosef HaLevi SoloveitchikRabbi Aharon Ben-Zion ShurinFrom Keshet Geborim: Biography of HaRav Yosef HaLevi SoloveitchikSHU
5/24/1996ForwardMissing Tapes of Boston Sage Confound Probate CourtForward StaffSoloveitchik's missing tapesSHU
10/4/1996Jewish WeekQuarrel, And Resolution, with Rav SoloveitchikEmanuel RackmanAgunotSHU
10/1/1997הצופההלכה והגות לראש השנה בתורתו של הגרי"דשלמה זאב פיקHalakhah and Thoughts on Rosh Hashanah from the Torah of the RavSHU
7/3/1998Jewish WeekSearching for the Rav's VoiceGary RosenblattThe search for Soloveitchik's missing tapesSHU
9/25/1998הצופהמדיברי הגרי"ד סולובייצ'יק זצ"ל ליוהכ"פשלמה זאב פיקSoloveitchik on reciting Shma on Yom KippurSHU
5/22/1999New York TimesModern Orthodox Jews Have a Hero but Not All His WordsSamuel G. FreedmanA rabbi's son hunts for lost tapes of his father's lectures.SHU
3/17/2000הצופהחרדיזזציה לדברי הגרי"ד סולובייצ'יקשלמה זאב פיקAcceptance of Soloveitchik in the Haredi worldSHU
5/21/2001Yeshiva UniversityMerkin Family Chair in Jewish History and Literature Established at Yeshiva UniversityPress release: Chair for Dr. Haym SoloveitchikSHU
2/14/2003ForwardCritics Unforgiving of a Jewish Scholar's Defense of 'Hate'Alana NewhouseMeri Soloveitchik: Journal article calls hate a 'virtue'SHU
12/28/2009Forwardדרשות און כתבים פון הרב יוסף דוב הלוי סאלאווייטשיקShnayur Zalman AlpertNew YorkReview of the Rav's lectures and writings published as a Yiddish book.SHU
הוראה תוך הסברה בהירה ותוך הזדהות עם אישיות הזולתJoseph B SoloveitchikBostonFrom a shiur by RJBS as captured by Rav Avraham Beit-Din, translated by Dr. A. MillerSHU
הגאון ר' יוסף דב הלוי סוךובייצ'יקהרב אהרן בן ציון שוריןAn account of R. Soloveitchik's funeral and biographical information.SHU
LetterFrom Rav Soloveitchik to Rav Dovber RivkinRabbi Dr. Joseph D SoloveitchikLetter from Rav Soloveitchik to Rav Dovber RivkinSHU
RCAThe Torah Way of JusticeRabbi Abraham R. BesdinA journalistic reconstruction from notes taken during a lecture by Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik at the RCA Midwinter Conference in 1973.SHU
Rabbi Aaron B. ShurinBiographical information on Rabbi Aaron B. ShurinSHU
Misc.R. Yitzchok Zev Soloveitchik, Brisker RovVarious Letters and articles on the Brisker Rav
Yeshiva UniversityPicture: Rabbi Soloveitchik and Rabbi Yitzhak NissimJoseph Brown PhotographyWith Sephardi Chief Rabbi of IsraelSHU
Yeshiva UniversityPicture: Dr. Dov RevelPresident Yeshiva CollegeSHU
Yeshiva UniversityPicture: Rabbi Joseph B. SoloveitchikMatzoh BakerySHU
Yeshiva UniversityPicture: Rabbi Joseph B. SoloveitchikWith R. Norman Lam and OthersSHU
Yeshiva UniversityPicture: Rabbi Joseph B. SoloveitchikGiving a shiur: Close-upSHU
Yeshiva UniversityPicture: Rabbi Joseph B. SoloveitchikGiving a shiur: SmallSHU
Yeshiva UniversityPicture: Rabbi Joseph B. SoloveitchikGiving a shiur: Wide AngleSHU
Yeshiva UniversityPicture: Rabbi Joseph B. SoloveitchikAfter the ShiurSHU
Yeshiva UniversityPicture: Rabbi Joseph B. SoloveitchikGiving a shiur: One other studentSHU
Picture: Rabbi Joseph B. SoloveitchikSmilingSHU
Tzemach GlenPictures: Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik16 Pictures from Tzemach GlenHZ
Yeshiva UniversityPicture: Rabbi Joseph B. SoloveitchikAddress with Norman Lam to rededicate Beth Hamidrash at RIETS Mr. and Mrs Joseph Gruss on May 17thSHU
Yeshiva UniversityPicture: Rabbi Joseph B. SoloveitchikAddressSHU
Yeshiva UniversityPicture: Rabbi Joseph B. SoloveitchikDepartment of Public RelationsSHU
Yeshiva UniversityPicture: Rabbi Joseph B. SoloveitchikPortraitSHU
Picture: Rabbi Joseph B. SoloveitchikPicture: Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik with Aharon Benzion ShurinSHU
Picture: Rabbi Joseph B. SoloveitchikGroup Picture including the Rav and Rabbi Shurin on Erev Pesach 1957SHU
Pictures at Matzoh BakeryPictures at Matzoh BakerySHU
Picture: Rabbi Joseph B. SoloveitchikWith Zalman ShazarSHU
Picture R. AB Shurin and R. Aharon SoloveitchikPicture R. AB Shurin and R. Aharon SoloveitchikSHU